Friday, February 21, 2014

Zom-B Review 8


By: Darren Shan

            Lunch time, in the gym, chatting with some friends when suddenly shrill screams fill the air, dozens of fellow students run inside the gym for safety from what? They look normal enough, until at a closer look they have cuts, and some even have hands or arms missing. Once the people who came into the gym realize where they are they scream ZOMBIES.

            Zom-B is about love, hate, abusive families, and yes zombies. Zom-B’s main character is about someone named B that has to deal with what some consider worse than zombies, racist abusive dads. The first paragraph is just a small taste about what this book has in store. Darren Shan’s descriptions are so amazing that for this there disgustingly perfect. Will you join B on the journey of a lifetime?


  1. Nice job, i like how you used lots of detail and didn't give away the important parts

  2. I really enjoyed how you explained an event of the story.

  3. nice job i really want to read the book


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